Shipments and Returns

Your Orders

We understand how exited you will be to receive your new addition to your home and so we do our very best to operate to a dispatch of your goods within a 72 hour window. We specify a 5-10 working day delivery for your item, although where possible we will always want to exceed expectations and get it to you at the earliest of convenience.

We deliver nationally for £100. This is added onto the cart towards the end of the check out process.

All deliveries are routed through an external party and we have negotiated prices to ensure that we are able to get you your item at a most reasonable price. We have the following Guidelines:

We are currently operating out of a unit in Bradford, West Yorkshire. As part of our expansion plan we aim to be moving to a more southern location which in turn will reduce the price of delivery, if we are able to source a cheaper alternative for Southern England and Northern Scotland we endeavour to ensure that you receive a discounted price every time.

If you feel that we have made an error somewhere along the way or you have a suggestion into how we could be even more cost effective. We would love to hear from you! Please call us on 01274 497555.